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Meeting of DUO-Korea 2001 Fellowship Awardees

The selected applicants by DUO-Korea 2001 and secretariat staffs had a small but friendly meeting on February 28 2002 at the Secretariat office in Seoul, Korea. Enjoy photos of selected students and professors laughing and talking and read our story.

Progress Report to the ASEM SOM in April 2002

: This is a progress report of ASEM-DUO Fellowship to the ASEM SOM that was held on April 2-3, 2002 in Lanzarote, Spain. DUO programmes'(France, Korea and Singapole) implementation details as of April 1 are reported.

ASEM-DUO Presentation Material

: This is the most updated presentation material introducing ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme in general as of July 2002.

Two-paged Brochure of the ASEM-DUO Fellowship

: A good introductory material of the ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme.
(Update:August 2002) This is even better in that it takes only two pages and explains a lot about th ASEM-DUO Fellowship. Downloadable in Microsoft Word file