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Invitation to the Second ASEM-DUO Alumni Meeting
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Thanks to your participation of ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme, we were able to assist over 2,400 professors and students for exchange. This accomplishment, in turn, contributed to endorsement on extension of the program for the third phase of 2011-2015 from ASEM VIII in Brussels, Belgium 2010. 


In 2005, before we embarked on the second phase of ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme, we held the first ASEM-DUO Fellows Alumni Meeting as a way to show our sincere appreciation and offer a networking session for ASEM-DUO Fellows and ASEM member officials. This time, we were encouraged to host the second ASEM-DUO Fellows Alumni Meeting under the auspices of Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and the Secretariat for ASEM-DUO Fellowship Prgoramme. 


We request the pleasure of your company for the Alumni Meeting at 6:30 p.m. on Friday, November 16th at the Venezia Party. Invitation cards are sent to a contact person or International Cooperation Office in your home/host institution. Please claim your invitation card at your home/host institution to present at the reception and a map of the Venezia Party for your reference. All invitees are kindly requested to RSVP at at or 02-720-6712 no later than Friday, October 19th, 2012.


Thank you and look forward to seeing you at the Meeting.


Yours Sincerely,


K. J. Sung, Ph.D.

Director General

The Secretariat for ASEM-DUO Fellowship Programme

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