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ASEM DUO Expert's Meeting Announcement
admin 2003-10-01 15:45:14 262900

Dear Colleagues,


As the Director General, I would like to express sincere gratitude to you for your dedication to the ASEM-DUO Fellowship Program. From a recent trip to Eurasia to visit ASEM-DUO officers in July, it was a general consensus that the 2nd Expert Meeting be held in Seoul, Korea this fall. After consulting other activities in ASEM, I would like to propose the date for the meeting on November 14th (Friday), 2003 and hope that the date is convenient for you to convene. One of the major reasons to select this date is that an education-related seminar is to be held in Tokyo the next week from 17-18 November, 2003. This initiative was suggested by Japan during the 4th ASEM.


I have attached proposed, tentative, Expert Meeting’s agenda and schedule for your comments and feedback. The topics include review of progress in ASEM-DUO programs, deepening and widening of ASEM-DUO, review of any need to revise “Core Principles”, and cooperation with other existing education programs in the ASEM region, to name a few. After gathering your input, we will further develop into more concrete issues.


We would be pleased to hear from you on your availability and comments by October 10th, 2003.


Best Regards,


K. J. Sung

Director General

The Secretariat for ASEM DUO Fellowship

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