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List of DUO-Korea 2005 Fellows
admin 2005-07-07 18:11:19 185336
Dear DUO-Korea 2005 Applicants,

First, we would like to thank everyone who has showed great interest in our DUO-Korea program. After a rigorous application process, we are more than glad to announce the final awardees, and our congratulations go out to them all. The list is arranged in alphabetical order of Korean institutions. For those who have not been selected, we can always encourage you to try for next time.

Letters of offer will be sent out to institutions under contact person s attention this week. We ask you to send all necessary documents as soon as you receive the letter of offer. Those documents are the following:

1. A letter of acceptance (please *download form), which is to be signed by both awardee and contact person. Make sure that awardees CAREFULLY read the Implementation Guideline.
2. A transcript (for student) or a CV (for professors)
3. An original copy of application form with school stamp (for Korean institution only)

The deadline is by August 7, 2005.

If you have any further inquiry, feel free to contact us at email or phone +822-720-6712/3.

* To look for download form, please click "DUO-Korea" banner on the right and then click "download forms" on the left bottom menu.

List of DUO-Korea 2005 Fellows

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